Wednesday, October 27, 2010

All Hallow's Eve

While Sunnyslope's Dual Immersion program is a unique within the school, it really is just another class. The same standards taught in the non-DI classes, for instance, are being taught within the DI classes, plain and simple.

At no time is that unity more evident than in late October.

Along with every other class in the school, the DI classes participate in the annual school's costume parade.

Here are some shots from the 2008 edition. Mrs. Hernandez, who has now moved to third grade, welcomed a slew of superheros, villains and other masked marauders into her classroom.

Once outside, the class took their seats and waited for the parade.

Their leader, Mrs. Hernandez, proved that she too had an inner being that needed a release.

The parade typically coincides with Red Ribbon Week, the annual Say No To Drugs campaign. It's around the classroom, in this case on the door of the room, that you can tell there is a different thing going on here.

Anti-drug pledges all in Spanish from the kindergartners.

So while the DI program is sort of its own unique thing, it's not isolated from the rest of the school in the least bit.

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